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ITSSAR Fork Lift Instructor Training Courses

Key Course Content


By the end of this course, trainees will be able to develop lift truck training courses and instruct potential lift truck operators in the safe use and operation of lift trucks to the standards required by ITSSAR and in line with Rider Operated Lift Trucks, Operator Training Approved Code of Practice (L117)


Re-registration 5 days  and must be completed every 5 years.

Course assessments

The qualification is awarded when candidates pass all nine of the course assessments,

Report Writing

Important note

All potential instructors who attend the course must produce a certificate of basic operating skills, which is dated within the preceding 6 months of the course start date.

Successful trainees will become a CAT 1 registered ITSSAR Instructor. Registration is for a period of 5 years at which time the Instructor would need to attend and pass a Re-registration course.

To request further information on ITSSAR Instructor & Refresher courses, please call our team on 0151 2579955