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Course Information

 Courses offered include:Operator Certification courses in

    Counter Balance.


    VNA (man-up/man-down).

    Pedestrian Stacker (ped-op).

    Order Pickers (all levels).

    Side Loader.

    Pivot Steer.

    4 Way Reach.

    Flexi / Bendi Truck.

    Rough Terrain (fixed mast).

    Rough Terrain (telescopic).


               And more including Plant Equipment if its not listed then ask.

Trusted Quality

Our exceptional quality training programs and professional instructors are why The Forklift Training Centre Limited is trusted to deliver the most effective forklift training programs available.

Zero Incidents

Our goal is zero forklift related incidents. We aim to reach this goal by providing forklift safety training programs that deliver the most positive improvements that the forklift industry has seen in a long time.

Fresh, Highly Visual, Plain English Content.

Ensures training is engaging, enjoyable and clearly understood. Learning made easy and pleasant provides your operators with a training experience they can truly appreciate.


Our comprehensive training on all topics, especially the greater attention we pay to the principles of forklift stability and capacity, is miles above the rest and results in better-trained, safer forklift operators.

Professional Instructors.

Professional and pleasant instructors that have a high regard for the lives of others, create the interactive adult leaning environment that is essential for successful learning and achieving a safe and productive workplace.

No Minimum Class Size.

There is no minimum class size. You can train one person at a time if that’s what works best for you.

Scheduling Flexibility.

We will accommodate your schedule with convenient training times and days, including night shifts and weekends.

To ensure your maximum confidence in the quality of our courses, we encourage the Manager or the Safety Officer to sit in and experience our courses first hand.

We also offer Attachment Training on the following:  Tilting Skip. Boom Arm. Beer barrel Clamps Drum Clamp. Hydraulic Fork Extensions.  Hydraulic Rotating Clamp Manned Platform. Battery Changing Attachments. Triple Tines.